Can I Get A Ticket For A Broken Tail Light?

If you have a broken tail light on your vehicle, the broken tail light law means you can get a ticket from a police officer. A broken tail light is considered a non-moving violation and is a ticketable offense similar to a broken muffler or failing to display proper vehicle registration stickers on your license plate.

It's your responsibility to maintain your vehicle to a legal standard. The best way to avoid a tail light out ticket is to regularly check your vehicle and stay on top of your car's maintenance schedule.

Is It Illegal To Drive With a Broken Tail Light Cover?

If you have a cracked or broken tail light cover, you may be asking, "Is it illegal to drive with a broken tail light cover?" The answer is typically yes. A broken tail light cover would fall under the broken tail light law since it impacts the effectiveness of the tail light bulb and the overall safe operating condition of the vehicle.

If you need a new tail light cover for your Nissan vehicle, stop by our auto parts store and get a new OEM tail light cover for your Nissan sedan, truck, or SUV. We have a large selection of tail light bulbs and covers in stock. If we don't have the style needed for your specific Nissan model year and trim, we should be able to order it for you.

When your new auto parts arrive, our service team can install a new tail light cover and bulb, then check the lighting system on your vehicle to ensure everything meets the letter of the law.

Can a Cop Pull You Over for a Broken Tail Light?

Yes, a cop can pull you over for a busted tail light under the broken tail light law. If you are driving with a broken tail light and worried about getting a ticket, schedule a tail light replacement at our dealership. Installing a new tail light bulb or cover is quick, easy, and will likely cost less than a fix-it ticket from a police officer.

Should you receive a ticket from a cop for a broken tail light, you will need to pay to fix your vehicle, plus any fines from the citation. Then there's the added hassle of showing the police or DMV you had the broken tail light fixed. Thankfully, you can avoid all that by simply bringing your car to our Nissan service center and parts store for a new tail light installation.

Is It Bad To Drive With a Broken Tail Light?

We find it's best to be vigilant about keeping your car running well, including ensuring all brake lights and turn signals work properly. Maintaining your vehicle ensures your automotive safety and the safety of those around you while also avoiding a likely equipment violation citation from a police officer.

If a dashboard warning light is illuminated in your vehicle, contact our Nissan repair shop. We can tell you what that dashboard warning light means and schedule a service appointment to resolve the issue.

Don Williamson Nissan Service Center

Our Nissan service department and oil change center is here to handle all of your vehicle's maintenance needs. If you need a check engine light diagnosis, tire pressure warning light reset, or have a warning light for a broken tail light, our service team is here to assist you.

Our certified mechanics are experts in your vehicle and will maintain your car's operational standard. Contact our Nissan service center and parts store for reliable auto repair, tire rotations, oil changes, and tail light repairs.