We miss the Nissan Xterra of old, which is why we couldn’t believe it when we saw Nissan debut a new Terra crossover earlier this year. However, we were quickly disappointed when we learned that the new Terra is not expected to come to the North American market.

This five-to-seven-seater will be sold in Asia and Australia, so if you’re just dying to get behind the wheel, it looks like you have a serious adventure ahead of you.

We’ve heard that Nissan will eventually bring back the Nissan Xterra that so many of us loved, but we’re not expecting the Terra to give any insight into what a next-generation Xterra might look like.

Nissan Terra Details

The new Terra is based off of the Navara pickup truck, an overseas version of our own Nissan Frontier, and it will probably be powered by the same engine options found in the Navara. Other features include best-in-class cabin space, a 60/40 rear split seat, smartphone connectivity, leather trim, active safety systems, and much more.


Is the Terra Related to the Xterra?

Sort of. While the body styles will be similar, they are not the same vehicle. We’re betting that the American version, the Xterra, will be based off of an updated American version of the Navara, the Frontier. It feels like an SAT question, but it really is simple; Terra is to Xterra like Navara is to Frontier. Got it? (We know, it’s confusing. Call us if you want to know more!)

Nissan has been toying with the idea of releasing a new Frontier model before the Ford Bronco comes out, which is slated for a 2020 release date, so we’re hopeful that a redesigned Frontier will lead to an all-new Xterra in the coming years!


Got the Crossover Blues?

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