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A new Nissan for sale can take many forms. It could be an attractive sedan loaded with tech upgrades, a refined-looking hatchback with FWD for better fuel economy, an SUV with great towing capabilities and a built-in roof rack, or a 4x4 crew cab truck that can beast through whatever challenges you put in its way. Whatever your dream car looks like in your head, we want to help you find it in the real world. The following goes further into what our new inventory has to offer.

New Nissan Cars for Sale

If you are looking for a truly iconic sports coupe, let us get you behind the wheel of a new Nissan Z coupe. This vehicle's twin-turbo V-6 engine can produce up to 400 horsepower and 350 pound-feet of torque. It comes in three trim levels: Sport, Performance, and Proto Sec. If we don't have the option you want on our lot, we can help you build it online, customizing it to your personal style right down to the Ikazuchi Yellow or Seiran Blue exterior paint.

For a four-door sedan, there's the new Nissan Sentra for sale, which offers up to an EPA-estimated 29/39 MPG (City/Highway)1 and 14.3 cubic feet of cargo room for a highly competitive price. For a larger sedan with more horsepower, check out the new Nissan Altima for sale. This vehicle also has the option of either front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive, while the Nissan Sentra is built as a front-wheel drive vehicle only.

New Nissan SUVs for Sale

You'll likely be drawn to our selection of SUVs if you have a large family. A new Nissan Rouge for sale can be a supportive partner when you, your kids, and your pets all have busy schedules. In addition to stellar MPG for an SUV - 30/37 (City/Highway)2 - it has over 36 cubic feet of maximum cargo capacity, available AWD, three available configurable high-tech displays, and more. Gracious legroom means that this is a great new Nissan for sale for tall drivers.

For a luxurious take on a crossover, you want to test-drive the new Nissan Murano for sale. While not as fuel efficient as the last entry, it has 67 cubic feet of possible cargo room, available semi-aniline leather upholstery, and other premium design choices. Choose the Midnight Edition for unique badging.

Space is, of course, a luxury in and of itself. The new Nissan Pathfinder for sale can seat up to seven or eight passengers, with its third row for even bigger off-road family road trips. It can also tow up to 6,000 pounds when it is properly equipped. Choose between four trim levels and 2WD or 4WD when buying a new Nissan Pathfinder for sale to personalize this epic vehicle to your taste further.

New Nissan Trucks For Sale

If you're looking for a pickup truck, compare the new Nissan Frontier for sale to the new Nissan Titan for sale. The Titan is larger and capable of towing more. In fact, it can haul up to 11,033 when properly equipped with a gooseneck hitch. This high level of performance is largely due to its 400-horsepower Endurance V-8 engine that also delivers up to 413 pound-feet of torque when you use premium gasoline. To top it all off, the Nissan Titan has the most standard safety equipment in its class.3

All this being said, there are many reasons to pick the new Nissan Frontier for sale, too. Its size makes it more maneuverable, and it has best-in-class horsepower in the small truck segment,4 producing up to 310 horsepower with its 3.8-liter V-6 engine. It is also more competitively priced than the Nissan Titan, with lots of useful tech upgrades. To test-drive these vehicles back-to-back, visit our dealership in Jacksonville, NC.

Find Your New Nissan for Sale Today

No matter what kind of new Nissan for sale you're looking for, our Nissan dealer in North Carolina has your back. We stock vehicles ranging from the new Nissan Altima for sale to SUVs to trucks to hatchbacks to wagons and will be happy to answer any of your in-depth questions about these vehicles. We can also give you all the details about our new vehicle warranties.

Our competitive financing process is straightforward and customized to each individual or family. You can even start this process online from your home so that you can drive out of our lot with your new Nissan for sale sooner. With miles of adventures ahead of you, why not start today?

FAQs When Searching for a New Nissan for Sale

How much can a Nissan Frontier tow?

A Nissan Frontier has a maximum towing capacity of 6,720 pounds when you choose the Frontier King Cab (4x2) option and it is properly equipped. The Frontier Crew Crab (4x2) can tow up to 6,570 pounds when properly equipped. The Front Crew Cab Long Bed (4x2) can handle 6,460 pounds. To learn more about the capabilities of different configurations, reach out to our sales advisers.

How many seats are in a Nissan Pathfinder?

A Nissan Pathfinder is a three-row SUV. It can come with eight seats, or you can choose a configuration that has second-row Captain's chairs, which can drop this number down to seven but makes it easier for passengers to access the back row. This is one of several ways you can customize this vehicle to your personal preferences. To discuss trim levels or available features, reach out to our team.

12022 EPA Fuel Economy Estimates. 29 City MPG / 39 Highway MPG / 33 Combined MPG for Sentra® S, SV; 28 City MPG / 37 Highway MPG / 32 Combined MPG for Sentra SR. Actual mileage may vary with driving conditions. Use for comparison only.

22023 EPA Fuel Economy Estimates. 30 City MPG / 37 Highway MPG / 33 Combined MPG for Rogue S and SV FWD, 28 City MPG / 35 Highway MPG / 31 Combined MPG for Rogue S and SV AWD, 29 City MPG / 36 Highway MPG / 32 Combined MPG for Rogue SL and Platinum FWD, 28 City MPG / 34 Highway MPG / 31 Combined MPG for Rogue SL and Platinum AWD. Actual mileage may vary with driving conditions. Use for comparison only.

3Ward's Segmentation (excluding EVs). 2023 TITAN vs. latest in-market Large Pickup Segment competitors. Safety technology refers to advanced vehicle features including driver assistance systems and features. See Owner's Manual for safety information. Base models compared. Based on manufacturer websites.

4Comparison based on 2023 Frontier vs. latest in-market Ward's Small Truck segment. Based on the manufacturer's website.

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