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The Nissan Z colors are adrenaline-pumping to behold. Is there a better way to deck out a premium, heritage-inspired sports car than with premium, heritage-inspired colors? We don't think so, and we're confident that you'll find the awesome Nissan Z colors just as exciting. Check out all the Nissan Z color options below, and get in touch with Don Williamson Nissan to order your Nissan Z with your favorite color scheme.

2023 Nissan Z Colors: Monotone Exterior Options

The Nissan Z colors are spread out over two themes: monotone and two-tone. Let's dive into the first side and check out each monotone color option.

Gun Metallic, as its name suggests, coats the Nissan Z with a gunmetal hue, accenting the origami-esque style lines with a crisp, knife-like edge and dynamic reflections.

Strike at midnight, and pass by the competition with an unmistakable silhouette; Black Diamond Pearl is a classic shade of black with premium pearlescence all around.

Or, go for a high-class look by choosing Rosewood Metallic. With its refined wine-like hue, this final monotone member of the Nissan Z colors is ready to impress.

No matter the color it arrives with, though, the new Nissan Z will dazzle to the top of our new Nissan cars for sale.

2023 Nissan Z Colors: Two-Tone Exterior Options

Six two-tone Nissan Z colors join the party next, and each option starts with a Super Black roof. Here's an overview of the two-tone options.

Starting the show, Everest White TriCoat shines like a freshly-laid coat of snow you'd see in the northern reaches of Japan's wintery Hokkaido province. And it looks classically sporty.

If the bare-metal skin of an old-school fighter plane strikes your fancy, Brilliant Silver is for you. It's a steadfast shade of silver and one that plays with natural light like a sundial.

The Nissan Z colors can go from classic to ultra-modern when you choose Boulder Gray. It's reminiscent of mountaintop terrain and feels like you've reached the summit of modern performance.

A sports car wouldn't be complete without a shade of red. Passion Red TriCoat is that essentially-sporty color option, reflecting light as dynamically as the Nissan Z takes tight corners.

Seiran Blue is the sky-blue hue that's just as exciting to lock eyes with. Its name can mean mountain vapor in Japanese, inspiring high-reaching dreams of sporty driving.

Or strike like lightning with Ikazuchi Yellow. Its name means thunder in Japanese, and it caps the Nissan Z colors as a showcase option that sent a rumble through the sports-car world.

2023 Nissan Z Colors


Two-Tone Ikazuchi Yellow TriCoat / Super Black

Two-Tone Ikazuchi Yellow TriCoat / Super Black

2023 Nissan Z Interior Colors

The available Nissan Z interior colors are just as exciting; let's check them out.

You can order Nissan Z sports cars with a classic, durable interior by choosing graphite cloth upholstery, creating a snug yet roomy ambiance.

Or, give it a more premium feel with a mix of graphite leather and synthetic suede upholstery.

And if you want a truly unique cabin, blue leather and synthetic suede upholstery provide eye-catching hues that'll make every drive exciting and leave every passenger impressed.

A truly sporty command center can be yours with red leather and synthetic suede upholstery. It mixes with the standard black trim pieces to create a more subtle yet equally impressive look.

Choosing graphite leather and synthetic suede with yellow accents is the heritage-inspired finale to the interior Nissan Z colors, adding some flash to your cabin with exclusive details.

Explore the Nissan Z Colors at Don Williamson Nissan

The Nissan Z is coming soon to our premier Nissan dealer in North Carolina, and if you'd like to order one with your perfect color scheme, get in touch with our Nissan sales team today to discuss placing your pre-order. Once the Z arrives, swing by to check out its premium paint and feel its performance with a test drive.

Frequently Asked Questions

What colors will the Nissan Z come in?

The Nissan Z colors are split into monotone and two-tone options. The monotone Nissan Z colors include Gun Metallic, Black Diamond Pearl, and Rosewood Metallic. The two-tone Nissan Z colors start with a Super Black roof. That roof then combines with either Everest White TriCoat, Brilliant Silver, Boulder Gray, Passion Red TriCoat, Seiran Blue, or Ikazuchi Yellow.

What interior colors does the Nissan Z come in?

The Nissan Z interior colors are excitement-filled options that line your cabin with premium upholstery. The first Nissan Z interior color is graphite cloth. Choose a more plush feel with graphite leather and synthetic suede, or add a uniquely-cool flair with blue leather and synthetic suede. Harness classic sportiness with red leather and synthetic suede, or stop the show with graphite leather and synthetic suede with yellow accents.

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