Nissan Oil Change Service In Jacksonville, NC

Nissan Oil Change Service In Jacksonville, NC

Getting a Nissan oil change service at the recommended time can save you plenty of time and energy down the road. A Nissan model should typically have its oil changed twice a year or approximately once every 5,000-7,500 miles. Bring your car to Don Williamson Nissan for expert care.

While the purpose of car maintenance is to hopefully catch issues before they can affect your vehicle's performance, some circumstances can exacerbate how quickly your Nissan vehicle needs an oil change. Therefore, make an appointment at our service department early if you notice strange noises, exhaust smoke, and difficulty with gear shifting.

Benefits of a Nissan Dealer Oil Change

Although you can change your car's oil at home, getting an oil change from a Nissan dealer can offer numerous benefits. Your vehicle will be in the hands of a skilled professional who is familiar with your make and model and will know the most compatible oil to give it. They also have the tools already on hand to do so quickly. You also don't risk staining your driveway or garage floor this way.

In addition, when getting a Nissan oil change from the dealer, our team will also look at other aspects of your car to make sure that when it leaves our service bay, it is ready to hit the road. For example, we can examine the brake pads to make sure they aren't too thin or measure the tread on your tires. Tire rotation is another service that can be combined with your oil change appointment to lower the risk of uneven wear and blowouts.

Always check for Nissan service specials and coupons before visiting to get the best deal.

Signs Your Nissan Needs an Oil Change

Nissan vehicles typically require a synthetic oil change approximately every 5,000-7,500 miles. Check your vehicle's owner's manual to determine how often you should change your model's oil. If you've misplaced your car's owner's manual, feel free to contact our service department. Our associates can look up your service records and tell you when to schedule an oil and filter change.

Depending on how many miles you drive annually, your vehicle will likely require two oil changes per year to ensure optimal performance and enhance your engine's longevity.

Besides the turning of the calendar, here are some warnings you need a Nissan oil change:

  • Strange knocking noises from the engine
  • Dark oil color or oil that is gritty
  • A smoking exhaust system
  • An illuminated "check engine" light
  • Excess vibrations
  • Trouble shifting gears

Engine oil helps your Nissan vehicle operate by keeping the moving components involved with the engine system lubricated for less friction. It also helps prevent engine overheating, which can sometimes destroy this crucial component. Lastly, clean engine oil helps move dirt along toward the oil filter.

Don Williamson Nissan Oil Change Service In Jacksonville, NC

Stop in to Don Williamson Nissan to take advantage of enhanced engine performance and better fuel efficiency after your oil change service. Explore Nissan oil change coupons to save on critical maintenance while ensuring your car runs in the best possible condition. Our location in Jacksonville, NC, offers oil changes, Nissan tire service, and a full selection of vehicles to browse.

Call our service department to inquire about Nissan oil change services in Jacksonville, NC, today.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to change the oil in a Nissan?

The cost of a Nissan oil change can vary depending on the year and trim model of your vehicle and how much oil your car needs. A Nissan Altima oil change may cost less than a Nissan Titan truck oil change because of the number of oil quarts required. However, we pride ourselves on competitive prices and offer service coupons.

How often does a Nissan need an oil change?

Most new cars with synthetic oil require an oil change every 5,000-7,500 miles, but it varies by vehicle. If you're driving an older Nissan model that utilizes conventional oil, changing your car's oil every 3,000 miles is likely recommended. Some factors that impact how often you need an oil change include how much strain the vehicle has been under and the type of traffic you navigate.

What kind of oil does my Nissan model need?

New Nissan vehicles with an internal combustion engine use synthetic motor oil. The most common oil type for Nissan cars is 5W-30, but some models may require a different weight, depending on the engine specifications. Always refer to the owner's manual, often located in the glove box, or call our service department for more information on your Nissan model.

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