Nissan Wheel Alignment Service In Jacksonville, NC

nissan tire alignment

If you are driving along the road and realize you have to tug your wheel to one side or the other to keep your vehicle going straight, it's time to set an appointment for a Nissan tire alignment. Other common automotive maintenance tasks tend to adhere to a set schedule. However, this service should be based more on need. The following delves into what Nissan wheel alignment involves and when it's necessary.

When Should You Get Nissan Tire Alignment Service?

When you get a new vehicle, you can figure out pretty easily when you should schedule your next oil change based on the timetable outlined in your owner's manual. However, wheel alignments aren't needed at regular intervals. Instead, they are most likely the result of running over an inopportune pothole or hitting a curb or road debris. As a result, it is important to pay attention to the following signs that Nissan tire alignment may be called for:

  • The direction that your car is traveling does not match the directions of your steering wheel. For example, your steering wheel might be pointed straight, but your car is tilting left or right
  • You notice noisy steering or squealing tires
  • If your steering wheel feels "loose" or easier to maneuver than normal
  • Your car's tires are showing signs of uneven or rapid wear

How Does the Problem Get Fixed?

Stop by our service department so that your vehicle can be inspected by our Nissan-trained experts. While the above signs are good indicators that your vehicle likely requires a wheel alignment, another issue could also be causing these problems. For example, tires that have not been rotated recently can contribute to uneven wear.

What is the difference between a tire rotation vs. alignment? Tire rotation involves taking the tires off the vehicle and switching their relative positions. For example, the left tires might go on the right side, or the front tires may move to the back and vice versa. Certain tire positions usually have to do more work, so this rearrangement helps spread out that load so that the individual tires last longer and your drive is smoother.

Tire alignment involves adjusting the angle at which the wheels come into contact with the road and deals more directly with the suspension system. If the tires do not hit the road evenly, it could cause the rubber to wear in uneven areas. By reducing the risk of excessive tire wear on certain tires, you extend the tires' overall life span and reduce your risk of future blowouts.

Contact our service center if you have questions about either of these services or to pick an appointment time. Our team is ready to provide all the information you need.

Visit Our Team in Jacksonville, NC, for Auto Care

Our team offers expert maintenance and car repairs so that you can tackle the road ahead of you with confidence. Search our Nissan service specials for Nissan wheel alignment coupons to help you save on our already competitive Nissan alignment cost. You can also save time by using the opportunity to get other maintenance, like an oil change or tire rotation. Make sure to inform us if you are enrolled in a Nissan prepaid maintenance plan that we may be able to apply to your services.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I need an alignment on my Nissan vehicle?

Is your steering wheel crooked when you're driving straight? Alternatively, does your vehicle veer off to one side or another while the steering wheel is being held straight and steady? Are you experiencing uneven tire wear or tire wear that is faster than usual? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, you should check to see if you need wheel alignment services.

How long does a tire alignment appointment take?

A typical tire alignment appointment often takes between 30 minutes to an hour. However, while your vehicle is already in one of our service bays, it can be a prime time for our team to give your car a general inspection or do other important maintenance, like oil changes. By doubling up on what we accomplish during your appointment, you save yourself time in the long run.

What happens if you wait too long for an alignment?

If you delay getting a wheel alignment, you will experience an increasing loss of control over your vehicle. For example, if an obstacle suddenly appears in your way, a slight tug of the steering wheel could send your vehicle much further left than you intended, potentially contributing to an accident. Delaying also can result in increased and uneven tire wear and worse suspension quality.

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